HELLO!!! I’m finally back after a long hiatus! It’s been 5 months right? I even missed posting for my blogversary last June 11, 2016! Belated happy anniversary, YANIE.NET! I don’t know if there are still people reading my blog….but anyway I’m trying ways how to keep this up and how to really apply “personal branding”.

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    Happy Chinese New Year!



    Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of my Chinese friends (even if you’re a full blooded Chinese, 1/2, 1/4 or even 1/16 like me!) and to everyone who is celebrating it as well! I hope that you will all have a prosperous year.

    I’ve been really busy these past few months but I hope you’ll forward to my posts soon! I’m really trying my best to work on my responsibilities as a student, daughter, intern, blogger / writer. It’s really hard but hopefully I’m going to get a grip of it on the long run!



    Life Lately

    My 2015 in Summary

    xocolate ATELIER

    Hello, 2016! I know it’s kind of late but before I move forward to another year, let me share the significant and happy events in my life throughout 2015. I wrote this because I’m wrapping up my life lately segment and I got inspired with Janine’s post, here’s a round up of Yanie’s 2015 in summary. Continue reading

    Life Lately

    Life Lately Vol. 7

    Life Lately

    First and foremost, I want to greet everyone (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you all the blessings this holiday and to the upcoming year. The holiday has been good for me, I went to a trip with my family last Christmas and it was splendid! We rarely go on trips Continue reading

    Munch Monday

    A Bingsu-plendid Experience: Cafe Seolhwa, Century City Mall

    munch monday (1)

    Heads up, dessert fans! There’s a new (technically it’s still new because it just opened few months ago…) Cafe Seolhwa branch in Makati located at the basement of Century City Mall. Apparently, I haven’t been to other branches but based on my research, this branch is smaller compared to the others. To be honest, even if it’s
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    kpop Spazz Sunday VIXX

    VIXX in Flower Crowns


    It took me forever to create another “Spazz Sunday” post. I’ve been really busy lately and it saddens me that I wasn’t able to get on track throughout Chained Up era. Anyway, if you’re following my on my fan account, you probably know that I’ve been wanting to see VIXX wearing flower crowns Continue reading

    Reviews thursday tunes

    VIXX Chained Up Album Review


    If you haven’t realized, took a break on doing promotions as a group for a while since Love Equation era. Well, they’ve been always around busy with their individual schedules and a unit was even born few months ago. Now they’re back stronger than ever with their 2nd full-length album, Chained Up.

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    Munch Monday

    Artsy Cafe: A Dainty Hangout Place

    munch monday -

    When in Maginhawa Street, it’s a must to visit Artsy Cafe. With the cafe’s pleasing and homely appearance, your feet will bring you to this place. From the outside, it will just look like a normal house but once we get a glimpse over their fence, a garden-like paradise awaits you.

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